mu origin 2 top up

MU Origin 2 Top Up

Most people are curious on how they can top up in MU Origin 2, the officially licensed by Webzen and published by GameNow which is officially open in SEA region.

Note: If you haven’t claimed your reward from pre-registration, you can get it from their official website.

For those who have disposable money, top up system is a gateway to get a strong character. But keep in mind that you’re also supporting the developer for maintaining the game and give more updates in the future. You also need to understand that you need to utilize your resources carefully.

Let’s dive in and learn how to purchase in-game items in MU Origin 2 via Google Pay, here’s how:

The official website top up is not yet updated so we can only rely on Google Play method.

1) Click the top up icon.

click top up icon

2) Select the amount that you want.

mu origin 2 top up

3) Just click buy. Read this guide on how to link your card via Google Play.

click buy

Top up Rewards

top up rewards

There are perks of supporting the server. Items like orange weapon and permanent mount skin are some in-game items that you can only obtain via donating like:

  • Golden Wolf – A core formed from the blood of Golden Wolf. You may use it to exchange [Mount: Golden Wolf] and upgrade it to rank 2.
  • 10 Pink Diamonds (Consumable) – Use it to gain 10 pink diamonds.
  • 100,000 Gold
  • MU Vanguard (Consumable) – Use it to activate the title: [MU Vanguard] Max HP +500

List of Top Up Price

You will get an extra diamond when you purchase for the first time.

  • $0.99 – Get 90 diamonds (free 90 pink diamonds)
  • $3.99 – Get 360 diamonds (free 360 pink diamonds)
  • $9.99 – Get 900 diamonds (free 900 pink diamonds)
  • $19.99 – Get 1800 diamonds (free 1800 pink diamonds)
  • $29.99 – Get 2700 diamonds (free 2700 pink diamonds)
  • $39.99 – Get 3600 diamonds (free 3600 pink diamonds)
  • $49.99 – Get 4500 diamonds (free 4500 pink diamonds)
  • $69.99 – Get 6300 diamonds (free 6300 pink diamonds)
  • $99.99 – Get 9000 diamonds (free 9000 pink diamonds)
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