ahri enjoying the pool party

Mod Skin Ahri

One of the most popular champions in league of legends is Ahri. That’s why people are searching for Ahri mod skin to customize their gameplay.

Download The Latest Mod Skin LOL for 2019

Here’s the best mod skin for Ahri:

1.  Sleepy Ahri

light blue and white sleepy ahri mod

Don’t fall asleep in this skin because you need to win your game! The light blue and white combination is perfect for those who prefer to just chill while playing the game.

2. So Yu Ahri

gothic themed so yu ahri mods

Beautiful black haired Ahri in this So Yu Mod will keep you motivated while using her spells.

3. Pool Party Ahri

ahri enjoying the pool party

Ahri is seen in the pool with other League of Legends girls. Perhaps they’re unwinding from the repetitive battles. Either way, it is refreshing to see her with a little bit of dress?

4. Project Ahri

robot suit for ahri

If you’re wishing to have Project Ahri, then this mod is for you. Inspired by robot suits, ahri is wearing an indestructible armor to sustain her battles. Be reminded that this is just a suit and your mechanical skills are more important.

5. Sexy Ahri

slim and pink tailed sexy ahri

The last but not the least, the sexy Ahri mod! Those pink tails and sexy outfit really stand out. It’s like she’s a popstar with that mic ready to sing.

Where you can download these skins? Well, head over to the download section and follow the steps.