Latest Mod Skin DOTA 2 Download 2019 (NO VIRUS)

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Mod skin DotA software enables users to use paid sets or cosmetics for their favorite hero in DotA 2 for free. DotA players can now enjoy premium sets without annoying anyone in their game.

I bet you’re tired of paying real money to Valve just for those shiny cosmetics. Don’t worry, mod skin DotA is here and ready to give you free access to almost every sets in DotA 2.

By the way, if you’re tired and doesn’t feel like reading this long-a** article, you can go ahead to the download page.

Here’s a little overview of DotA

DotA has a long history and it’s been around for more than a decade. According to Wikipedia, it began in 2003 when IceFrog, the DotA God himself started to mess around with Warcraft’s custom maps.

It got so popular until Valve’s owner Gabe Newell decided to bring DotA into Steam and renamed it as DotA 2. Fast forward today, DotA 2 is still relevant and very popular that once held the highest esport prize pool of all time until Fortnite tops them.

Before you jump over and download the mod, I suggest reading the instruction on how to download dota 2 mods. And make no mistake, this mod is only visible to you (the user) so your teammates and opponent won’t see the mod.

Disclaimer: I do not own this mod skin, if you have any question, you can go the official site of this mod.

selection of dota heroes that you can mod

How To Use Mod Skin DOTA 2

To play DOTA 2 with a mod skin, you need to use a software called Mod Skin DOTA V6.1, it is developed by a DOTA 2 player to help the DOTA community play with their own customized hero.

Step 1: Download the file.

Step 2: After the download is complete, open the zip file named “ModSkinDota6.1”

Step 3: Before you extract the files, don’t forget to create a new folder to avoid lost files.

Step 4: Run “ModSkinDota” as administrator. Choose the path on where your DotA is installed.

Step 5: Select the hero you want to use a mod.

Step 6: Click save and mod.

Watch the video tutorial below.

MOD SKIN DOTA: 🔥 How To Download and Install Mods for DotA 2

DotA Mods Download


Strength Heroes   
BeastmasterDragon KnightClockwerkOmniknight
HuskarAlchermistBrewmasterTreant Protector
IoCentaur WarrunnerTimbersawBristleback
TuskElder TitanLegion CommanderEarth Spirit
AxePudgeSand KingSlardar
TidehunterWraith KingLifestealerNight Stalker
DoomSpirit BreakerLycanChaos Knight
Agility Heroes   
Anti-mageDrow RangerJuggernautMirana
MorphlingPhantom LancerVengeful SpiritRiki
SniperTemplar AssassinLunaBounty Hunter
UrsaGyrocopterLone DruidNaga
Troll WarlorEmber SpiritMonkey KingPangolier
BloodseekerShadow FiendRazorVenomancer
Faceless VoidPhantom AssassinViperClinkz
Arc Warden
Intelligence Heroes   
Crystal MaidenPuckStorm SpiritWindranger
ZeusLinaShadown ShamanTinker
Nature’s ProphetEnchantressJakiroChen
SilencerOgre MagiRubickDisruptor
KOTLSkywrath MageOracleTechies
Dark Willow
BaneLichLionWitch Doctor
EnigmaNecrophosWarlockQueen of Pain
Death ProphetPugnaDazzleLeshrac
Dark SeerBatriderAncient ApparitionInvoker
Obsidian DestroyerShadow DemonVisageWinter Wyvern


Is this safe?

Yes! This software is very safe. Just run your antivirus if you’re still in doubt.

Are you going to get banned using mod in dota?

This JoinDota thread explains it. Although keep in mind that there’s still a chance that you will get banned because you’re still using third-party software.

As long as you’re not modding the actual gameplay or using custom scripts, you’ll be fine. Don’t be like those guys who use auto-script or map hack.

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