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monkey d luffy in jump force mods character selectionWelcome to Jump Force mods! Download the latest and most popular mods for Jump Force.

Game Overview

Jump Force is the latest fighting game from Bandai which is playable in PC, PS4, and Xbox. The best thing about this game is having all the popular anime fighting each other on arcade match. Though the storyline is a bit cheesy for me, as I’ve played Dragon Ball Fighter Z as well, I feel like it’s on the same boat.

Well, enough with the review of the game and let’s focus on the Jump Force mods! Use the table of contents to navigate this page. Also, you can visit jumpforcemods.com to get the full list of the latest mods.



  • No HUD toggle
  • Sandai Kitetsu replaces Energy Sword
  • Super Saiyan Hair Material
  • Title Background – Lobby
  • SSJ4 Gogeta Hair
  • Jump Force Default Material
  • Kuroi Tessaiga Accessory (Over Ichigo’s sword)


  • 100% completed save file

How to Download Jump Force Mods

Step 1:  Uninstall anti-cheat

  • Go to jump force folder.
  • Click EasyAntiCheat folder.
  • Double click EasyAntiCheat_Setup application.
  • Select Jump Force.
  • Select uninstall.

Step 2: Download your preferred mod

  • You can choose from jumpforcemods.com or promodskin.com/jump-force-mods.
  • You need to register an account for jumpforcemods.com.
  • After you finished downloading go to step 3.

Step 3: Create ~mod folder

  • From your JUMP FORCE folder, select “JUMP_FORCE” folder.
  • Select the content folder.
  • Double click Paks folder.
  • From this point, do delete anything. Just add new folder and name is “~mods”.
  • Extract all the mods that you downloaded in “~mods” folder.

Or watch this YouTube video by AtlasZero:


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