Zed Mod Skin: Play as Dj Zed Now

Zed Mod Skin Changes

This custom Dj Zed Mod Skin is playing homage to the official Dj Sona skin, and understandably takes a lot of inspiration from it. Zed’s suit has been changed to look sleek  black with a smooth Dj Helmet. This skin also also has changes to his taunts dances and back animation.


Dj Zed

Particle Changes

In this skin Zeds shadow particles have been altered to have a slight purple-blue overshadow. The hue of all of his abilities seem to have changed to this new color. Zed’s shurikens from Zed’s Q ability have also been changed to look like music records that a Dj would spin at a party.

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Disclaimer: ProModSkin do not own this mod skin, all credits to the author and developer of such mod.

Mod Skin Download

Get the download link here

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. It has over a hunder champion character of which you can from to play. Each character has what is know as “skins” that is essentially a rework of the character art. These skins can make the game more enjoyable but not everyone can buy them. This why you should Mod Skins if you can’t afford all the skins. Mod skins let you change your character image, but only on your computer. It doesn’t change the game script so it’s safe, you won’t get banned for it, and it can be a lot of fun. Play with Mod skins now to have fun! The custom skins can only be played with Mod skins!


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