Xin Zhao Mod Skin: Play As Cosmic Reaver Xin Zhao Now

Xin Zhao Mod Skin Changes

A fresh take on Xin Zhao’s theme is introduced by this Xin Zhao Mod Skin. It essentially imports the theme from Riots official skin Cosmic Reaver Kassadin and applies it to our Seneschal of Demacia. The application looks absolutely clean and flawless, Riot Should definitely take notes.
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Particle Changes

Apart from the actual skin there also seems to be some minimal particle changes his abilities. But since Xin Zhao’s abilities barely have particle coverage the change is minimal and the changes are not as noticeable. Due to the fact that the particles were so lacking the skin falls short of executing its otherwise amazing theme, and just ranks just a tier below awesome. Overall you can’t complain with this beautiful artwork and if you like to play the jungle role I definitely recommend trying out this Xin Zhao Mod Skin.

Disclaimer: ProModSkin do not own this mod skin, all credits to the author and developer of such mod.

Mod Skin Download

Get the download link here

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. It has over a hunder champion character of which you can from to play. Each character has what is know as “skins” that is essentially a rework of the character art. These skins can make the game more enjoyable but not everyone can buy them. This why you should Mod Skins if you can’t afford all the skins. Mod skins let you change your character image, but only on your computer. It doesn’t change the game script so it’s safe, you won’t get banned for it, and it can be a lot of fun. Play with Mod skins now to have fun! The custom skins can only be played with Mod skins!


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