Kennen Mod Skin: Play as Pikachu Kennen Now

Kennen Mod Skin Changes

A simple concept of playing Kennen as Pikachu from the popular pokemon game franchise, was put to work to make this cute Kennen Mod Skin. The skin model for kennen has been completely swapped for a pikachu model. Since both characters are naturally small and use electric type attacks, the remodeling seems to fit perfectly.
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Particle Changes

Kennen’s normal shuriken auto attacks have been replaced with small lightning bolts, reflected of the possible moves Pikachu can learn like Thunder or Thunderbolt. Kennen’s (Q) ability thunder shuriken has also been swapped to look like a large thunder bolt shaped projectile. Kennen’s (W) ability electric surge, (E) ability lightning rush, and (R) ability slicing maelstrom, have all had their color changed to yellow to reflect theme of pikachu using the pokemon moves thunder shock, volt tackle, and thunder wave respectively. Overall this skin works because the theme’s of the tow characters overlap so well. If you are a pokemon fan or play Kennen you should definitely┬átry out this Kennen Mod Skin.

Note: This artist rendition is not the real skin. Look at the slideshow above to see it in action*

Disclaimer: ProModSkin do not own this mod skin, all credits to the author and developer of such mod.

Mod Skin Download

Get the download link here

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