Mod Skin LoL Philippines Download (SECURED DOWNLOAD)

This mod skin lol Philippines can change your champion’s default skin using a tool while playing League of Legends. This is a tool developed by a Filipino programmer to help his fellow player use a skin in LoL for free.

Although this can only work in Garena client in the Philippines, you can check the other tool called LoL Pro for international users.

Mod Skin LoL Philippines Download

How To Use Mod Skin LoL

Step 1: Open your League of Legends account

Step 2: Assuming that you already downloaded the mod, go to the file location and open it.

Step 3: Select your preferred champion that you want to apply the custom skin.

Step 4: Enjoy playing the game!

Note: You can use the mod skin prior opening the official League of Legends client. You can also use the mod even the LoL client is running. But make sure that you’re not queuing for a match before using it or else it won’t work.

Mod Skin LoL Philippines Download