Rengar Mod Skin: Play As Kitty Cat Rengar Now

Rengar Mod Skin Changes

This is a very impressive Rengar Mod Skin, in fact it is so good it should actually be an official riot skin. It is obvious to not that this mod skin as clearly inspired by the popular official Maowkie skin called Meowkai. Rengar seems to be wearing a neat tiger themed pajamas with a cute kitten hoody. He is also wearing a pair of fuzzy cat slippers, a cat pillow on one hand, and what seems to be an umbrella in the other. The robust yet defined colors within the give the allure of this skin feeling authentic.

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Particles Changes

Apart from the skin art their have been major changes on the particles for this particular mod skin. Rengar’s normal auto’s have a rainbow particle effect that shines a small rainbow each time he goes in for an auto-attack. His (Q) ability Savagery has the same rainbow effect as his normal auto attacks. His (W) ability Battle Roar has been changed to look like a soft purple cloud with small stars in it. The Bola on his (E) ability Bola Strike has been replaced with a cute little kitten that locks onto any target it hits.  And finally during his (R) Thrill of the Hunt he leaves a trail of rainbows and purple clouds behind him while turning and being invisible. If you play Rengar or use Mod Skins for LoL you should definitely play with this rengar mod skin.

Disclaimer: ProModSkin do not own this mod skin, all credits to the author and developer of such mod.

Mod Skin Download

Get the download link here

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. It has over a hundred champion character of which you can from to play. Each character has what is know as “skins” that is essentially a rework of the character art. These skins can make the game more enjoyable but not everyone can buy them. This why you should Mod Skins if you can’t afford all the skins. Mod skins let you change your character image, but only on your computer. It doesn’t change the game script so it’s safe, you won’t get banned for it, and it can be a lot of fun. Play with Mod skins now to have fun! The custom skins can only be played with Mod skins!


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