Azir Mod Skin: Play As Rei The Blue Heart Azir Now

Azir Mod Skin Changes

This is the best Azir Mod Skin you will come across. In fact it is definitely one of the best mod skins you will ever come across. In thus custom skin adaption Azir has been altered to look like Rei Ryghts, also known by the moniker Blue Heart, who is a lead female character from the role-playing video game series Hyperdimension Neptunia. Rei appears to be a CPU being, which has the ability to switch between a humanoid form and an HDD form.

The Azir Mod Skin is based on the HDD battle form. Her CPU nature is probably the reason why this custom skin gives off an android feel. Almost resembling a GUNDAM style. Rei is also able to produce a potentially limitless number of fake CPU clones. Which is very similar to how Azir is able to summon sand soldiers to fight for him. Rei also seems to hold a goddess title from the series she comes from which mostly stems from her raw power. The surprising parallels between Azir and Rei make the transition of the custom skin much more fluid and believable.
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blue heart azir

Particle Changes

The sand soldiers summoned by Azir’s (w) Arise ability have been changed to look like rei clones. The shield gained from Azir’s (E) shifting sands ability has been altered to have a light blue hue that emanates a futuristic vibe. The color of Air’s autos have also been changed tot his same light blue color. Azir’s Sun Disc turret from his passive Shurima’s Legacy has also been changed to look like a futuristic Gundam styled turret. Overall the concept for this Azir Mod Skin was skilfully picked out, and every ability seems to fit into place.If Riot was to ever officially make a project Azir skin they could definitely take some inspiration from this custom. Be warned however the sounds haven’t been altered for this skin which may make it awkward to play.

Rei the blue heart azir

Disclaimer: ProModSkin do not own this mod skin, all credits to the author and developer of such mod.

Mod Skin Download

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